Gateway Elite Volleyball Camp



Mark K: "Five of our DD's HiP teammates attended the Gateway Elite Volleyball Camp, every one of them loved it.  Very advanced training, well-organized, effective, professional, and most"

Sue R: "She has gone the past couple years, and it is BY FAR the BEST camp she attends. It has the most exposure, best instruction, lots of great knowledge, and all around great camp. We appreciate you having it!"

Caitlin N: "I thought it was a great camp and I learned a ton for those three days. I liked the variety of coaches and how they were easy to talk to and ask questions of. Great experience and I'll be back next year, with"

Shelly R: "The camp exceeded our expectations as we didn't know how involved the coaches would be and it was awesome to get to work with each one of them....My daughter really enjoyed this camp and stated this was the best camp she has attended and she has gone to a lot of camps!"

Rachel J: "She came home so excited with the knowledge she had gained from just the few days there! Thank you for an amazing program!"

Robin H: "As a parent, I thought the camp was worth the investment.  It was great to have college level coaches providing their input and feedback to the girls."

Angie C: "There seemed to be a good ratio of coaches to players. Also loved the fast pace of the day. Never thought there was any wasted downtime."